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My aim is to make sure you write and pass your ISLPR for your teacher registration in Australia. Join me in your journey to success in education.

Ronald Kaunda

Want to Teach in Australia?

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or a seasoned educator looking to enhance your qualifications, the ISLPR (International Second Language Proficiency Ratings) certification is your key to unlocking countless opportunities in the vibrant Australian educational landscape.

Teaching experience

Benefit from Ronald Kaunda’s expertise in language assessment and education, ensuring focused and effective learning tailored to your needs.

Success Record

Ronald Kaunda’s track record speaks volumes, with students consistently achieving success in ISLPR assessments under his mentorship.

Confidence Growth

Gain practical skills and grow your confidence, through Ronald Kaunda’s approach, empowering you to excel in the Australian education sector.

What You’ll Learn:


Unlock the art of understanding spoken language in all its diversity under the expert guidance of Ronald Kaunda. With his teaching, you’ll delve deep into different accents, speeds, and contexts, honing your ability to grasp main ideas, details, and implied meanings with precision and confidence. Ronald’s approach fosters active listening skills that are essential for navigating the intricacies of verbal communication in any setting.


Elevate your ability to express yourself with utmost confidence and coherence through Ronald Kaunda’s unparalleled instruction. With a focus on fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, and enriched vocabulary usage, Ronald empowers you to communicate effectively in conversations, presentations, and discussions. His expertise ensures that you not only convey your thoughts eloquently but also engage and captivate your audience effortlessly.


Embark on a journey of literary exploration with Ronald Kaunda as your guide, mastering the art of understanding written texts with depth and insight. Ronald’s proven strategies for efficient reading, comprehension, and critical analysis transcend various genres and topics, equipping you with the skills to discern main ideas, supporting details, and the underlying purpose of any written piece. With Ronald’s guidance, you’ll unlock the gateway to a world of knowledge and understanding through the written word.


Unleash your potential to craft compelling and articulate written texts for diverse purposes and audiences under the tutelage of Ronald Kaunda. His comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of writing proficiency, from strategies and grammar to vocabulary enrichment and coherence. With Ronald’s guidance, you’ll hone your skills to produce clear, organized, and cohesive written compositions that leave a lasting impact on readers. Join Ronald Kaunda’s program today and embark on a transformative journey towards linguistic excellence and professional success.

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I specialize in teaching English as a Second Language and literacy development for young learners.

My online sessions are conducted through virtual classrooms where I provide interactive teaching and coaching tailored to your learning needs.

I focus on providing professional support, continuously updating my content, and ensuring a smooth learning experience for all students.

Yes, I offer professional support to students to help them succeed in their education beyond the online teaching sessions.

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